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Our Vital Stats
Birth Date:
Semptember 18, 1992

April 1 (can you belive it?), 1994
Height: 16.5" (I tower above most beagles!) 15"
Weight: 30 lbs Undisclosed
Color: Tri-color (white, brown, and black). I proudly bear the number one on my back. Tri-color
Skills: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Finish, Roll Over, Heal; I respond to verbal and hand signals Most of that stuff, but when they wave treats under my nose, I get all excited and tend to do them all in a random order, usually starting with Roll Over
Favorite Cuisine: Mexican, French Edible
Hobbies: Sniffing, hiking, beach-combing, mountaineering, boating, hunting, training Sniffing, eating
Nick Names: Number one, Schmome-boy Jethro Bodene, Love muffin, Little pumpkin
Fave Toys: Small rubber balls, Buster Cubes Soft, plush, fuzzy toys, squeeky squirrels and hedgehogs