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Welcome to all canines and lesser creatures! We are emissaries from the Planet Beagle, here to investigate and colonize your planet. I am Supreme Commander Guillaume Chasse-Lapin -- but you can call me Guillaume ("Gee-ome" with a hard "G") , and this is my usually faithful, though sometimes devious Lieutenant Darwin.

On this Web site you can follow our progress through your world. We will be reporting on interesting things we discover, like fun toys and other cool stuff. We'll nose it out so that you'll know it's worthwhile. 'Cause if you can't trust a beagle's nose, who can you trust?

Late last year our host celebrated the ritual known as Christmas. It seems to involve bringing a large pine tree into the den and then refusing to tinkle on it. Kinda strange, but we enjoyed it nonetheless, especially the strangely-wrapped Beagle toys

Welcome to all fellow humans and dog-lovers!