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Late last year our host celebrated the ritual known as Christmas. It seems to involve bringing a large pine tree into the den and then refusing to tinkle on it.

Here we are in front of this thing. You can see the brightly-wrapped boxes under it too. We wondered about those for a while, but a quick scan with our nose sensors soon located several that smelled remarkably like Beagle toys.

Darwin valiently attacked one of the more suspicious-sniffing packages. Hungry as ever, he did not stop to think about what was inside or whether it was actually edible. For all he knew, it could be a horrible monster, a toxic nightmare, a mad Beagle-eating alien.
Once uncovered, the strange beast defied explanation. It seemed to squeek uncontrollably. It felt strange in the mouth, sort of soft and chewy, sort of stringy and wiry.

The dazed Mr. Darwin didn't know what to make of it, but shook it several times, just to make sure it was dead.

Quickly coming to Mr. Darwin's aid, Guillaume investigates the strange creature himself. As feared, it appeared to be some mutant, alien species, perhaps the result of some genetic experiment gone horribly wrong. With the head of a rhinoceros and several long tentacles, the weird Rhino-squid tried to attach itself to Guillaume's face!
Other presents proved to be more manageable.

Wow, this is cool, a basketball! Anyone want to shoot a few hoops?

Hey anyone! I don't suppose this big red package could be for us too?